What Do THE PREACHER’S DAUGHTER & Choco Tacos Have in Common?

A (Probably) True Tale by Writer/Director Michelle L. Mower

When I was a child, I loved to write. All the time. I spent hours in my bedroom dreaming up characters & stories – mostly silly, but always fun. One day, the ice cream truck came jingling down the street. I asked my mom for money to buy my favorite frozen treat – Choco Taco. She told me in her maternally stern yet sensible way that if I wanted an ice cream, I had to do chores to earn money so I could pay for it myself.

Chores?! I HATED chores more than anything!

So, I got creative. With some help from my little sister, I decided to put my writing to good use. I wrote a little play and my sister and I performed it using puppets we made out of paper dolls and popsicle sticks. We used my sister’s canopy bed as our “stage.” Then, we forced my parents to pay 50 cents each for the pleasure of watching this little performance. Instant ice cream money!

The puppet play idea was so successful, that we continued doing them anytime we knew the ice cream truck would be coming. If you see a picture of me during that time in my childhood, you’ll realize just how successful I was at “earning” that ice cream money, too. I was P-U-D-G-Y!

Eventually, my puppet play writing evolved into a love of playwriting and then screenplay writing. Now, I am directing my first full-length feature film. I have dreamt of this since I was a teenager. I can’t wait to tell this story. I hope you’ll come back to this site to see how this project progresses and to maybe even be a part of this journey.

Hey… I wonder if we can get a product placement deal with Choco Taco? That would rock!

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5 Responses to What Do THE PREACHER’S DAUGHTER & Choco Tacos Have in Common?

  1. Faith Austin (Preacher's Wife) says:

    Congratulations Michelle!!
    So happy your dream is coming to fruition!
    I wish you much happiness and continued success.

  2. Admin says:

    Thank you, Faith! How are you and yours doing? Miss y’all.

  3. Sounds like it’s gonna be a good movie, and to top it off it’s being filmed in my home state. Can’t wait watch it……

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